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Magathi Financial Services Pvt Ltd. is a team of Financial Professionals with enriching experience over 20 years. Our Endeavour is to uplift the financial health of our clients by providing professional Financial plan after doing a 360-degree analysis. We strive to help the clients achieve their goal by being transparent and providing a platform with ample products and impeccable services. We comprehend all your dreams, desire, goals and create the most efficient financial plan. Long term commitment with our customers is one key principle we follow which makes us stand out in the market.

history timeline

company milestones


Upper Crust Award 2015



MFRT SAMMAN 2015 Award for Outstanding Performance


Highest Perceptual SIPs Winner Tamil Nadu Cluster



CNBCTV18 Best Performing Individual Financial Advisor Award 2016-17

why people chose us

why choose us

Life Time Financial
MFSPL is a single point of contact for customers to manage a lifetime of financial needs such as investment planning, home mortgages, new car purchases, retirement savings, and overall wealth management.
SIP holder
Magathi is one of the highest numbers of SIP holder in Tamil Nadu which proves that our practitioners represent the pinnacle of professionalism for their knowledge, skills, and integrity.
Our Financial Excellence
MFSPL has attracted a huge NRI client base across the globe through its financial excellence & dedicated customer service
Smart transactions
Customized Reports and Paperless Smart transactions
planand review
Periodic Review and Revision of the Plan
Our Assistants
Creating the financial plans for individuals according to their perception & risk tolerance
Our Team



LocationFinancial Management
Experience:20 years

Team Information

Our financial advisory team consists of experts who have proven credentials in the discipline of Finance headed by Mr.R. KANNAN who has over 20 years of experience. Their excellence in the field is an undisputed mark and they meet the stringent standards of education, experience, and ethics. Our team of experts is passionate about financial planning and respect to abiding MFSPL (Magathi Financial Services Pvt.Ltd) values in order to nurture excellent relationships with our customers.

Our Vission Mission

Our Vission

To establish MFSPL (Magathi Financial Services Pvt.Ltd) as one of the foremost financial companies by persistently committing to our service excellence for our customers which satisfies their dynamic needs.

Our Mission

To create a positive financial environment for our clients through a lifetime commitment to our individual & corporate customers by guiding them with customized risk & wealth management solutions.

Our Value

Comprehensive financial products and services through our experts in order to attain Integrated excellence in Customers Satisfaction